January 31, 2013, Sitting in my favorite thinking place, perhaps favorite spot in the world, just across from my Cape Verdean mother’s home . . . Sun is shining, ocean waves crashing on the shore of Praia Gente here in Vila de Igreja, Mosteiros. Does it get any better than this? It’s been a […]

What an exciting time to be in Cape Verde! The national soccer team, Os Tubaroes Azuis, or Blue Sharks, made it to The African Soccer Cup. Not only that, but they gained enough points in the first round of games to advance to the quarter finals! Sunday night’s game was a nail-biter, with the Tubaroes […]

There are no art supply stores here in Fogo. They do have “papelarias” which sell notebooks and markers, large sheets of paper etc. To make do with what they have, artists here in Fogo have come up with lots of creative media. They use the beautiful black sands from their beaches to paint portraits and […]

We’ve had the opportunity to visit several Jardims here in Mosteiros, from the central part of town to the more remote villages. All of the schools are built and run by the town hall. They are kept very neat, but there are little supplies. There are no playgrounds and the only games or toys are […]

Pawel, our friendly radiology tech from Hartford Hospital, thankfully joined our ranks for 10 days. On his first day at the hospital, Emanuel, a Cape Verdean rad tech who happened to be on vacation in Mosteiros was working at the hospital. He showed Pawel the ropes of the portable x-ray unit (all interfaces in Portuguese, […]

We’ve been having a great time both working in the hospital and experiencing the daily life of Mosteiros. Our ultrasound project has turned out a little different than we expected. We spend the mornings scanning patients and making diagnoses, a great practice for me. Many of the patients have waited months to have these scans […]

After our brief tour in Praia, we were all excited to get to Fogo and start our work. Flying over Fogo, the volcano brought back even more memories as this was the place I actually lived for two years as a Peace Corps volunteer. Happy thoughts flashed in my mind of the kind people, happy […]